Widecombe Way - Hole-in-One - 15th April

A different trail to what we are used to from Widecombe Way - while it started off in the valley park, we soon found ourselves down by the Arena and the railway line, before taking the return route up through Beacon Heath.  Just over 3 miles, but that wasn't a bad thing, given the rainy weather and the promise of tea cakes and tea to follow.  
Which indeed there was, plus donuts and sweets (there was no sweetie stop on the trail - hence no hash flash!) and more. Fines went to the late comers (which included English Muffin and family, Woodpecker and Tampa), and for Childcatcher for slipping over and taking out Swampy with her.  I think I would have ended up with a fine as well, given what Speedy said about my under carriage - but he said it just as we were leaving!
Next week's trail is at Mutters Moor (Peak Hill), Sidmouth (SY109872): Strapo and Swampy - rearranged from the snow a few weeks ago (map). 
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Hares still required

Hi all,
We still need a hare for 27th May please. Urgent now! All dates also available in June, but May is needed for the diary.

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University of Exeter 8 April 2018

It proved difficult for some to find the correct car park; and those that did find it completely ignored the no entry sign – standard, really.  It was a select bunch with none of the normal front runners, as Boots was carrying two small children, one on his front and one on his back, so he could be forgiven for walking.  CC described renamed the long/short splits brutal/gentle.  I mostly checked wrong and caught most of the fish-hooks, thereby proving it was a slow pack.  The sweetie stop was near accommodation where the Gloucester Rugby fans were staying, ahead of the Chiefs v Gloucester match this afternoon.  A kind Gloucester supporter (dressed as a cowboy!?) offered to take the hash flash – as he didn’t realise that a large proportion of the pack were Chief’s supporters – until afterwards, but he took it in good spirits and we offered him a chocolate.  There were lots of steps in the second half of the trail and I clocked up 4.74 miles in total.  On On - Bollards

HARES required!

Can anyone lay on 27th May or 3rd June please?  Maybe think about BBQs or picnics ?

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Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver - 1st April 2018

If you haven't already seen this - a few words from Wide Receiver below.

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Next week we are at the University of Exeter, Streatham Campus (i.e. the main campus) - Car Park A (find the Northcott Theatre and keep following the road, turning left at the roundabout)

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And Hares required for 27th May and all of June

Easter Hare!
I set a tricky trail around Haldon forest for City of Exeter H3 this morning and then helped them get around. There were hidden eggs, some had mushrooms in them, some had leaves and some actually had chocolate. Well it is the 1st of April!

The longs managed to clock up 5 miles around the ditches, trails and tracks in the forest. I don't think anyone eggscaped the mud. Hashers scrambled up the hills, over logs, through tunnels and up the stream bed.
That's another one for…

Haldon Belvedere


25 March 2018, Langridge Farm, Yeoford

What a beautiful morning!   Normal hash flash service will be resumed next week when someone who knows how to get us all in focus attends.